Top Foods to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Keeping your heart healthy ensures a healthy circulatory system which in turn makes you less prone to heart and blood related diseases. Check out this list for best super foods to include in your diet and make your heart strong.

Salmon: Fish is a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids which inhibits most of the heart disease risks.

Nutritionists recommend eating salmon, mackerel and other fatty fish at least two times in a week. Vegetarians have the option of taking omega-3 supplements.

Apples: Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples have anti-oxidant properties which stop the buildup of LDL cholesterol and plaque in the arteries. They are also rich in Vitamin C

Chocolate: Yes, good news for chocolate lovers! Chocolate, specifically dark ones are rich in flavanols which aide in general cardiovascular health. Consuming chocolates in a moderate level, fights inflammation, lowers blood pressure and most importantly, keeps you happy.

Berries: Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are filled with anti-oxidants and would keep your heart hale and healthy. They lower blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack.

Grains: Grains have a lot of soluble fiber and they help in lowering cholesterol levels. Adding whole grains to your diet lowers the bad cholesterol and thereby reducing the risk of a heart disease.

Soy Products: Tofu and soy milk are greats food which contribute to your protein and healthy fat intake without affecting your cholesterol levels. Plus, they are vegan foods.

Nuts: There is a misconception that nuts are fatty foods and increase your weight. Yes, they are fatty but are essential for a healthy heart. They contain omega-3 acids, fiber and vitamin E. Just make sure you consume plain nuts instead of the salted ones.

Check for anti-oxidants, fiber and omega-3 acids in foods you usually eat. Make sure you add these super foods in your diet to keep your heart young and healthy.